Summer Job Spotlight: Sarah Gottlieb, Camp Counselor


Class Year: 2015

Job: Counselor at the Aspire Explorations Camp run through Mass General

Locations: Lasell College in Newton, MA 

Sarah works with teens on the autism spectrum to help them gain skills to succeed. She helps them learn things like sailing, cooking, and going on ropes courses; they also do things like community service and practicing social pragmatics and stress management as they prepare for college and independent living. Sarah says, “Take chances on opportunities outside of your narrow field of interest!  I was so positive I wanted to pursue medical school, but after taking some different classes and trying this internship (even though I had no similar experience before) I realized how many different career options there are within the general direction I want to go with my life.” 

Summer Job Spotlight: Devyn Andrews, Pool Manager

Class Year: 2016

Job: Pool Manager at Arden Park Recreation and Park District 

Location: Sacramento, CA 

Devyn is the pool manager at a community pool, where she works as a lifeguard, teaches swim lessons, and spends a lot of time scheduling, organizing in-services for the lifeguards to practice lifesaving techniques, and interacting with the general public. Devyn’s favorite part of her job is working with children, especially those with special needs or those who are scared to get into the water. Devyn’s advice for others pursuing jobs and internships is: “Be confident and do what you love. Don’t just pursue a job or internship because you think it will look good on a resume; you’re going to be far more successful doing something that you’re passionate about rather than doing something that you hate but looks good on paper.” 

Our sister Amelia and a sister from Gamma Chapter at University of Maine throwing what they know! 

Our sister Amelia and a sister from Gamma Chapter at University of Maine throwing what they know!